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Born: 1954 in Wichita Falls, Texas



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Schroeder has lived in Chicago for more than twenty years. He is a graduate of the University of Chicago (Ph.D. 1982, M.A. 1976) and teaches at the University of Chicago Graham School in Asian Classics and the Basic Program of Liberal Education for Adults.

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Steven Schroeder received his Ph.D. in Ethics and Society from the University of Chicago in 1982. He is the co-founder, with composer Clarice Assad, of the [ Virtual Artists Collective] (a "virtual" gathering of musicians, poets, and visual artists), which has published five full-length poetry collections each year since it began in 2004. He teaches at the University of Chicago in Asian Classics and the Basic Program of Liberal Education for Adults and at Shenzhen University in China.He has published extensively in philosophy and religious studies and has lectured and written on the relationship of poetry with philosophy -- and of both with religion. He has teamed with Chinese colleagues Liang Huichun, Wang Hao, and Zhang Xiaohong to translate work of contemporary Chinese poets including Jimu Langge, Li Nan, Li Sen, Tang Danhong, and Zhai Yongming. With Russian colleague Vassily Pivoev, he has written a book on Henri Bergson published in 2008 in Petrozavodsk. His current academic research includes work on the ethics of translation and response as well as investigation of poetry as politics and performance.He has been a featured reader and guest professor at Yunnan University in China and has lectured at the University of Macao, Zhongshan University in China, the University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong Baptist University, Petrozavodsk State University in Russia, and Vilnius University in Lithuania. He has been an invited reader at festivals in Ohio; Oklahoma; Texas; Vilnius and Druskininkai (Lithuania); Shenzhen, Macao, Kunming, and Hong Kong (China); and Chicago.With Kunming poets Li Sen and Hai Nan and Shenzhen colleague Zhang Xiaohong, he began the Chicago-Kunming poetry group, which publishes New Poetry Appreciation (with the work of Kunming poets and Chicago poets in Chinese translation). With Li Sen, Long Xiaoying, Wang Hao, and Zhang Xiaohong, he co-edited a bilingual collection of the work of twenty-seven poets from the southwest of China and the southwestern United States called Two Southwests that appeared in October 2008. His work has appeared or is forthcoming in <em>After Hours</em>, <em>AmarilloBay</em>, Cha: An Asian Literary Journal, Concho River Review, the Christian Science Monitor, the Cresset, Druskininkai Poetic Fall 2005, Georgetown Review, the Journal of the American Medical Association, Karamu, Macao Closer, Mid-America Poetry Review, Poetry East, Poetry Macao, Rambunctious Review, Rhino, Shichao, Sichuan Literature, Texas Review, TriQuarterly and other literary journals. He has published two chapbooks, <em>Theory of Cats</em> and <em>Revolutionary Patience</em>, and four full-length collections, <em>Fallen Prose</em>, <em>The Imperfection of the Eye</em>, <em>Six Stops South</em>, and <em>A Dim Sum of the Day Before</em>.

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Four Truths:
ISBN: 1610974492

Wipf & Stock Pub. 2011

Four Truths is not a traditional scholarly work. It consists of three short stories and a verse drama built around the four noble truths of Buddhism--each followed by a prose reflection in the form of a series of theses. The text is complemented by thirteen images from a series of ink brush paintings done by Macao artist Debby Sou Vai Keng in response to the book. It is an invitation to conversation rather than a systematic philosophical or theological argument--though it is an invitation in the scholastic tradition of academic theses that will appeal to students of comparative religion and philosophy and could serve as an entry point for discussion in ethics and moral philosophy as well as philosophy of religion.

A Guest Giving Way Like Ice Melting
ISBN: 098244057X

Ink Brush Press. 2010

Grappling with the challenge of Wallace Stevens' masterpiece, "Thirteen ways of looking at a blackbird," Steve Schroeder and Sou Vai Keng combine the poet's craft, philosophical ways of thought and the practice of Sinology to reconfigure and metamorphose Laotse's wisdom book into a poem in totally natural English. The product speaks to our world today with its maddened consumerism, war as national habit, the eternal questions of death and creativity, and the struggle to be rather than just exist. This elegant and beautiful little book helps us understand some of the eternal questions-and some transitory ones as well.

On Not Founding Rome: The Virtue of Hesitaiton
ISBN: 1606086103

Wipf & Stock Pub. 2010

This book is an attempt to critically embrace a tradition--a culture--in which the author was formed and against which he has often found himself in resistance, using academic disciplines in which he is well versed but about which he is deeply suspicious. This book began to come together as a book in a series of lectures on the history of Western thought at Shenzhen University in the People's Republic of China, an opportunity to cultivate disciplined criticism that might afford a second look at traditions behind the West which are being embraced all too quickly. In a time of acceleration, this book offers a meditation on the virtue of hesitation. The book is an invitation to philosophy and the history of ideas, but it is also a sustained critical reflection on the religious dimensions--explicit and implicit--of those ideas, with enough utopian vision left to imagine a city in which violence is not necessary.

A Dim Sum of the Day Before
ISBN: 0982440561

Ink Brush Press. 2010

These are lyric poems set in China by a leading American poet, Steven Schroeder, who has lived, studied, and taught for many years in China.

On the No Road Way to Tomorrow
ISBN: 0981989837

Virtual Artists Collective. 2009

The English title of this bilingual collection (taken from the last line of the last poem) tips a hat to Jack Kerouac and to Laozi, while the Chinese title (taken from the first line of the first poem) welcomes readers to a realm of small things. The 27 poets gathered here share a delight in one small thing - poetry - that has made a scene worthy of big celebrations in each of the two cities they represent - Kunming and Chicago. The anthology is the result of an ongoing collaboration, the Chicago-Kunming Poetry Group, that has published two annual volumes of New Poetry Appreciation, which gathers the work of Chinese poets and Chicago poets in Chinese translation. The poems in this anthology are selected from the journal and presented in both English and Chinese. The anthology (which also includes 28 black and white photos) gathers a fascinating cross-section of contemporary poetry in English and Chinese, a dim sum selected from two cities where poetry thrives, a tasty introduction to two vibrant communities of poetry.

Six Stops South
ISBN: 1934999431

WordTech Communications. 2009

Two Southwests
ISBN: 0979882567

Virtual Artists Collective. 2008

This bilingual collection gathers poems by twenty-seven contemporary poets from the southwestern United States and southwestern China - "two southwests," two variations on an illusion of geographic precision behind which there are people who find themselves in both natural environments and political ones, who come to know in various ways that what we can and cannot see is as likely to depend on a map as a mountain, or when and where the river is dry enough to cross. What we say and what we don't, as surely as what we see and what we can't, are products of politics as well as location. But, politics and perspective aside, it is a matter of collision - and putting ourselves in places where we will collide can be an aid to vision. By bringing poets together in two places similarly named by virtue of their respective places on somebody else's maps, we intend to facilitate a collision. In our southwests, there is space for silence - and the intersection of sky with earth on open plains can teach us to appreciate nothing whether the plateau beneath our feet is below Tibet or above the Caprock. Between the poems and between the lines, nothing that is there may make our being present a bit more possible.

The Imperfection of the Eye
ISBN: 0979882508

Virtual Artists Collective. 2007

There is an all at once quality to lyric poetry that makes it akin to mysticism. It knows there is more to vision than meets the eye. It takes the whole world in while knowing the whole of it is always known imperfectly, always here, always now. The here and now of the seventy-one poems in Steven Schroeder's new collection is most often Chicago, the Plains, or West Texas. The poems play on the imperfection of the eye, turning on the voice that can, with care, be heard over the noise at edges where silence slips into the "look!" or "listen!" trailing a flash of insight. These poems take place in time, as all embodied things must do, and place is precisely what the imperfection of the eye sings, celebrating "the sacrament / of a city of solitaries marking time," listening for a rainbow where "fragments fall / on silence broken."

Fallen Prose
ISBN: 0977297411

Virtual Artists Collective. 2006

China is the occasion, not the subject or the object, of the forty-seven poems collected in Steven Schroeder's Fallen Prose - lyrical glimpses of the "new" city in Southern light. Most of the poems in the collection are set in Shenzhen, a few in Zhuhai, Macao, Guangzhou, and Hong Kong - and one or two a bit further west, in Kunming. All attend to "control out of control on every edge" and listen for flashes of music in these places that shed new light on all the elsewheres where we keep on making cities that somehow manage to sing.

Theory of Cats
ISBN: 1589981855

Pudding House Publications. 2003

Poems from the author's first China sojourn.

Touching Philosophy, Sounding Religion, Placing Education (Value Inquiry Book) (Value Inquiry Book Series / Philosophy of Education)
ISBN: 9042011637

Brill Rodopi. 2002

This book redefines religious studies as a field in which a plurality of disciplines interact. A social science when understood as a body of knowledge, religion is also marked by discovery, appreciation, orientation, and application - an interplay of the arts and sciences. Teaching religious studies involves the question of the occupation of territories and disentangling occupation from violence.

BETWEEN FREEDOM AND NECESSITY. An Essay on the Place of Value. (Value Inquiry Book Series 99)
ISBN: 9042013028

Brill Rodopi. 2000

This extended essay joins an old conversation at the intersection of freedom and necessity. Though it takes place at the beginning of the twenty-first century by the “Christian” reckoning that has become an integral part of European identity, it will at times read like a conversation between classical Greece and nineteenth-century Europe. The cast consists of characters drawn from Aeschylus, Sophocles, Euripides, and Plato as well as the authors themselves - Plato, Aristotle, Locke, Hume, Kant, Kierkegaard, MacIntyre, and Nussbaum. Some of these writers have been associated with displaced, displacing claims of universality

but each is in place and in time in ways that are instructive for ethics. Myth, the matter of stories, becomes also the matter of critical reflection, which in turn is subjected to critical reflection. Every fragment of philosophy is a contribution to the reflection, and it is nothing if it is separated from the matter - the stories, the myths, and the characters (including us) who both make them and live in them.

The Metaphysics of CooperationA Case Study of F.D. Maurice(Value Inquiry Book Series 84)
ISBN: 9042007761

Brill Rodopi. 1999

This book takes up the philosophical task described by Samuel Taylor Coleridge and F. D. Maurice as digging toward the common humanity that is the ground of value. As an essay in philosophy, this work is defined by time (its focal point is the nineteenth century), space (Britain), and persons (especially Maurice as contributor to social theory).

Virginia Woolf's Subject and the Subject of Ethics: Notes Toward a Poetics of Persons
ISBN: 0773489231

Edwin Mellen Pr. 1996

This study examines Woolf's work as a contribution to philosophy, focusing on her contribution to ethics and expanding the discussion beyond her fiction to include specifically autobiographical writing. Its focus on social ethics combined with an interdisciplinary approach should appeal to scholars from a number of different perspectives. The social theory developed in Part One draws especially on the work of Jean Piaget. Approaching deconstruction via Piaget and Woolf, the volume makes a contribution to the postmodern discussion of the death of the subject and the reconstruction of virtue.

A Community and a Perspective
ISBN: 0819191094

University Press Of America. 1993

This book is a study of the Lutheran Peace Fellowship (LPF), which celebrated its 50th anniversary in 1991, and its impact on the social teaching of the Lutheran Church in the United States. Schroeder documents LPF's development as a case study of the relationship between the Church's 'edge' and the shape it takes in the world. That pacifism has never been the majority position in the Lutheran tradition does not mean, Schroeder asserts, that it has been irrelevant or insignificant to the understanding of Lutheran identity and theology. Contents: Foreword, John Backe

Living Our Life

Doing What the Reformers Did

A Word That Matters

Where Is the Church?

A Community and a Perspective

Becoming More Organized?

Beginnings Everywhere

Afterword, Bonnie Block.