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General Information

Name:  Rosemarie Piemonte  

Pen Name: None

Genre: Fiction

Born: 1975 in Hinsdale, Illinois



Illinois Connection

Rosemarie was born in Hinsdale and raised in Downers Grove, Illinois.

Biographical and Professional Information

Rosemarie Piemonte has many loves in her life: Marine Biology, traveling, writing fiction, and raising her two children. Rosemarie has earned an A.A. degree in Criminal Justice, a diploma in Children's Literature, and is the author of the series Falling Roses.

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Titles At Your Library

Falling Roses
ISBN: 1420838520

AuthorHouse. 2005

What happens after you're hit by a car, in a coma, and awake to your favorite celebrity sitting beside you?Gabrielle coughed in his face and then did what Johnny had asked┐she waited.After moving to Long Island with John, Gabrielle realizes he still has to get rid of his ex┐Bernadette.While John sticks to the plan, a pregnant Gabrielle is abducted┐twice.Will John and Gabrielle ever find true happiness?How many years will it take to get rid of Bernadette? Or, will Bernadette bury them in a coffin first?A book of Romance, Suspense, Drama, Secret Baby, and Love Triangle, all wrapped into one. Some content may not be suitable for younger readers.Falling Roses is primarily a Romance.

Falling Roses: The Years Between
ISBN: 1425999344

AuthorHouse. 2007

What happens when your mother dies and twelve years later, you find her at a psychiatric hospital? You kidnap her and bring her home to Dad. Jackie Ravolie and her half-brother Robbie Shedel decide to do just that.What does dad decide after he closes the refrigerator door and finds his dead wife standing there? Believing that she's just a hallucination, John talks to her.After proving to the world that Gabrielle Ravolie is indeed alive, the mob chosen to carry out Bernadette Malone's vengeance prepares to avenge her death. But this time, they're going to try without Claycondine.What will happen to the Ravolie and the Shedel family next? And whom will John seek out this time to keep the love of his life alive?The sequel to Falling Roses (AuthorHouse, 2005), The Years Between will let you discover more romance, suspense, drama, a secret baby, and a few love triangles all wrapped into one.Falling Roses: The Years Between is primarily a romance with a suspenseful twist that will keep you entertained and guessing from cover to

Falling Roses: In the Dark
ISBN: 147725577X

AuthorHouse. 2012

The Falling Roses Saga continues with In the Dark . . . "I love my half-sister. Love her too much. And I know she loves me" The Ravolie, Shedel, and Rolando families reunite and collide for a journey that will form their destiny for a future of happiness. Gabrielle Ravolie wants to have a baby. She will make sure her husband John knows she's serious by walking through the kitchen naked in front of their friends. To conceive, she'll even stop taking her medication, but one thing she won't do is take off her shirt. Robbie Shedel comes back from the dead too scared to tell his family he's alive, while Jackie Ravolie-Edilson runs out of ideas for happiness, until meeting Jason Roberts who comes to her with a secret too-his identity. Elizabeth Malone-Shedel comes home from cosmetic surgery and is trapped in a storm cellar by her twin sister, when J.J. comes home to his new wife-Maureen. Nothing is wrong with being in love with your half-sister, but it's sick to have a cousin sleeping with your aunt and abducting newborn babies together, especially when they are targeting your niece or . . . "But then again, my biological inheritances- don't really matter much to to me"