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General Information

Name:  Glenna R. Schroeder-Lein  

Pen Name: None

Genre: History

Born: 1951 in Pasadena, California



Illinois Connection

Schroeder-Lein moved to Springfield in 2001 where she worked as an assistant editor for the

Papers of Abraham Lincoln

for two years, and have been Manuscripts Librarian for the non-Lincoln manuscripts at the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library since 2005. Two of her books plus the volume she edited, [

Treasures of the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library

], were written entirely in Illinois. Of Course,

Lincoln and Medicine

has a substantial Illinois segment.

Biographical and Professional Information

B.A. and M.A. in History, California State University, Fullerton (1975, 1978) M.L.S. in Library Science, University of Arizona (1981) Ph.D. in History, University of Georgia (1991) Adjunct and sabbatical replacement teaching experience at 4 colleges and universities; assistant editor, "Papers of Andrew Johnson," Knoxville, Tennessee (10 years); Papers of Abraham Lincoln, Springfield, Illinois (2 1/2 years); Manuscripts Librarian, Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library, Springfield, Illinois (9 1/2 Years). 4 books plus one edited; 15 articles; numerous book reviews, encyclopedia articles, presentations, etc.

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Titles At Your Library

Lincoln and Medicine (Concise Lincoln Library)
ISBN: 0809331942

Southern Illinois University Press. 2012

The life of America’s sixteenth president has continued to fascinate the public since his tragic death. Now, Glenna R. Schroeder-Lein unveils an engaging volume on the medical history of the Lincoln family. Lincoln and Medicine, the first work on the subject in nearly eighty years, investigates the most enduring controversies about Lincoln’s mental health, physical history, and assassination

the conditions that afflicted his wife and children, both before and after his death

and Lincoln’s relationship with the medical field during the Civil War, both as commander-in-chief and on a personal level.

Since his assassination in 1865, Lincoln has been diagnosed with no less than seventeen conditions by doctors, historians, and researchers, including congestive heart failure, epilepsy, Marfan syndrome, and mercury poisoning. Schroeder-Lein offers objective scrutiny of the numerous speculations and medical mysteries that continue to be associated with the president’s physical and mental health, from the recent interest in testing Lincoln’s DNA and theories that he was homosexual, to analysis of the deep depressions, accidents, and illnesses that plagued his early years. Set within the broader context of the prevailing medical knowledge and remedies of the era, Lincoln and Medicine takes into account new perspectives on the medical history of Abraham Lincoln and his family, offering an absorbing and informative view into a much-mythologized, yet underinvestigated, dimension of one of the nation’s most famous leaders.

Best of the Best by the Univeristy Press Books for Public and Secondary School Libraries, 2013

The Encyclopedia of Civil War Medicine
ISBN: 0765621304

Routledge. 2008

The American Civil War is the most read about era in our history, and among its most compelling aspects is the story of Civil War medicine - the staggering challenge of treating wounds and disease on both sides of the conflict. Written for general readers and scholars alike, this first-of-its kind encyclopedia will help all Civil War enthusiasts to better understand this amazing medical saga. Clearly organized, authoritative, and readable, "The Encyclopedia of Civil War Medicine" covers both traditional historical subjects and medical details. It offers clear explanations of unfamiliar medical terms, diseases, wounds, and treatments. The encyclopedia depicts notable medical personalities, generals with notorious wounds, soldiers' aid societies, medical department structure, and hospital design and function. It highlights the battles with the greatest medical significance, women's medical roles, period sanitation issues, and much more. Presented in A-Z format with more than 200 entries, the encyclopedia treats both Union and Confederate material in a balanced way. Its many user-friendly features include a chronology, a glossary, cross-references, and a bibliography for further study.

Confederate Hospitals on the Move: Samuel H. Stout and the Army of Tennessee
ISBN: 0872499642

Univ of South Carolina Pr. 1994

This work tells the story of Samuel Hollingsworth Stout, an innovative Confederate doctor and medical director of the Army of Tennessee, and his successful administration and establishment of more than sixty mobile military hospitals scattered throughout the western theatre.



ALA Best of the Best books for Secondary and Public Libraries (2013), Lincoln and Medicine