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General Information

Name:  Angela M. Barnes  

Pen Name: None

Genre: Non-Fiction

Born: 1949 in St. Louis Missouri



Illinois Connection

Barnes moved to Fairview Heights in 2008 after marrying her husband, Robert Haug. They live in the house that Robert built himself over 58 years ago in unincorporated Fairview Heights and are surrounded by trees, nature and woods.

Biographical and Professional Information

Angela Barnes is a published author, poet, and song writer, and a powerful and candid speaker. She generously shares her candor and stark naked truth about life with humor and honor. Angela is a creative catalyst who loves engaging with audiences and hosting healing writing workshops, virtually and in person. Angela is the founder of Heart Spoken Words, a site dedicated to her writing that seeks to spark the truth in others. She is passionate about charitable organizations and founded the 90-pound heavyweight Janet Barnes Legacy Foundation, honoring her mother’s life and legacy. A former non-profit administrator and a real estate entrepreneur, Angela has a BS in Business and a Master’s in Public Administration. She has published 3 books and is actively involved with the St Louis Writers Guild and the St. Louis Publishers Association. She loves to travel, write, walk, and cook, especially with her love and life partner, Bob.

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Titles At Your Library

90-POUND HEAVYWEIGHT: the Life and Triumph of Janet Barnes: Celebrate the legacy of her unsinkable and unstoppable fighting spirit!
ISBN: 1938121058

Heart Spoken Words LLC. 2015

100% of all royalties is going to support the 90-pound heavyweight Janet Barnes Legacy Foundation a 501 (c) (3) not-for-profit organization.

Learn more at - free excerpt 'My Life by Janet Barnes'

90-POUND HEAVYWEIGHT: the Life and Triumph of Janet Barnes tells of the strength, determination, perseverance and faith of my mother, a physically frail woman who was born a quadriplegic and how she overcame many obstacles. It tells how she used her mind to learn, to work, to become a wife and mother--while being in her words "differently able" rather than handicapped.
This book tells of her journey through life facing every challenge with the attitude that where there is a will, God will provide the way. Mother said "there is nothing beyond determination"--and she lived it. She survived and thrived a life hero's and giants would fail.
This book encourages and inspires others who are also "differently able" and those considered 'normally abled' to pursue their dreams--to uncover and utilize their talents.
And it calls for care givers, educational institutions and facilities to be even more compassionate and determined to value and acknowledge the true worth of every individual--no matter what their age or physical condition is.
In my words mother raised the bar. I believe the gravest disease of society is lack of expectation. I hope this book will challenge us all to expect more and do more.