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General Information

Name:  Janice May Udry  

Pen Name: None

Genre: Fiction

Born: 1928 in Jacksonville, Illinois


Illinois Connection

Udry was born in Jacksonville and graduated from Northwestern University in Evanston.

Biographical and Professional Information

Janice May Udry is a children's book author. Her first book, A Tree Is Nice, won the 1957 Caldecott Award for the most distinguished American picture book. After marrying, she moved to Chapel Hill, North Carolina with her husband. Her papers are held at the University of Southern Mississippi.

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Titles At Your Library

A Tree Is Nice (Rise and Shine)
ISBN: 0064431479

HarperCollins. 1987

"Trees are very nice," says Janice May Udry in her first book for children. She goes on to explain that even one tree is nice, if it is the only one you happen to have.

Some of the reasons why trees are so good to have around are funny. Some are indisputable facts. But in all of them there is a sense of poetic simplicity and beauty which will be sure to entrance any young child. Whether he knows one tree or many, he will relish the descriptions of the delights to be had in, with, or under a tree.

Marc Simont's joyous pictures, half of them in full color, accentuate the child-like charm of the words. And each painting of a tree or trees shows just how very nice they can be.

Book Details:
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Publication Date: 3/14/1956
  • Pages: 32
  • Reading Level: Age 4 and Up

The Moon Jumpers
ISBN: 0060284609

HarperCollins. 2004

Features simple text that describes a cool, moonlit night and a group of children who meet outside to dance in the grass and play tag while the wind blows gently around them.

Let's Be Enemies
ISBN: 0064431886

HarperCollins. 1988

James used to be my friend. But today he is my enemy.

James and John are best friends -- or at least they used to be. They shared pretzels, umbrellas, and even chicken pox. Now James always wants to be boss, and John doesn't want to be friends anymore. But when he goes to James' house to tell him so, something unexpected happens.

Book Details:
  • Format: Paperback
  • Publication Date: 9/28/1988
  • Pages: 32
  • Reading Level: Age 4 and Up

Alfred: Scott Foresman Second Talking Storybook (Record Included)

Albert Whitman & Co/Special Ed for Scott Foresman. 1961

Charming childrens story of a boy named Henry and his large Irish Setter named Alfred. Special School Edition by Scott Foresman & Company. Originally came with a record in a pocket attached inside the back cover. No record.

The Mean Mouse and Other mean Stories

Harper & Brothers. 1962

Next Door to Laura Linda
ISBN: B0007E1N1E

Albert Whitman & Co.. 1965

What Mary Jo Shared by Udry, Janice May published by Scholastic Paperback

Scholastic. 1994

Glenda Glinka: Witch-at-large (Trophy Chapter Books)
ISBN: 0064404102

Harpercollins Childrens Books. 1997

Able to turn herself into anything, Glenda Glinka the witch transforms herself into a little girl, aspiring to be the best child that ever was, and learns how hard it is to do everyday little girl things. Reprint.

Mary Jo's Grandmother.
ISBN: 0807549843

Albert Whitman & Co. 1970

Mary Jo helps her grandmother when the old woman is injured in her country home

Thump and Plunk (My First I Can Read)
ISBN: 0064442675

HarperCollins. 2001

Thump! Plunk!

First Thump thumps Plunk. Then Plunk plunks Thump. So Thump thumps Plunk back. Will Thump and Plunk ever stop thumping and plunking each other?


-- A Tree Is Nice

Caldecott, 1957

2016 ILLINOIS READS BookThe Moon Jumpers

Caldecott Honor Book, 1960