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Name:  William Jackson  

Pen Name: None


Born: in Utila, Honduras


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Lived and worked in Geneva, Illinois.

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And the Sea Shall Hide Them
ISBN: 0974334871

Nightengale Press. 2005

This is a shocking tale of horrific murders at sea. The crime takes place aboard a sleek schooner just two miles of the shores of a tropical island named Utila. There were eleven in all comprising the passengers and crew, and they were taken entirely by surprise by the murderer. He was a respected citizen of the island and beyond suspicion of committing such killings, much less to consider getting away with the deed. The first leg of the voyage was to be the twenty-two miles to the neighboring island of Roatan, part of the Bay Islands group lying a few miles off the old Spanish Main, the southern coast of Honduras. It was once a colony of England then later given over to the Spanish due to the pressure from the U.S president James Monroe. A few passengers would disembark there and the vessel would continue on to a mainland anchorage to purchase a load of cattle. The night would be filled with the wails and tears of the surprised victims as one by one their blood was spilled onto the deck of the Olympia. They sailed through a calm sea and a sky filled with glittering stars, dimly lit by a crescent moon. There was absolutely no portent that anything evil would descent upon these poor, unfortunate souls. The island had enjoyed years of prosperity for they had been the first to ship bananas to the United States. The island growers maintained an advantage over the Standard Fruit and Steamship Company, along with United Fruit as they had not yet become dominant competing suppliers. The enormity and vulgar audacity of the crime will both horrify and mystify the reader as he/she struggles through trials and tears of this dark night.

The Incredible Death and Revival of William Morgan
ISBN: 1933449497

Nightengale Press. 2007

This is the author's second novel, and like the first, also based on a true story. The first one titled, And the Sea Shall Hide Them, actually took place in history perhaps seventy years after the one you are about to read. This story centers around William Morgan, a Virginian living in Batavia, New York. He was a distant relative of the author. Morgan was of an impulsive nature, doing what he thought was the right thing to do. This eventually brought him in contention with the Masonic Order in Batavia, New York in 1826. His long and troublesome life eventually found him isolated on Utila Island in the Western Caribbean. He had been kidnapped! He was one of the first men to begin shipping bananas commercially to the United States, an enterprise that eventually grew into a vast business. Despite these good tidings, which included a loving wife and children, his life was a troubled one. However, his legacy to the small island of Utila was a noteworthy one, having a beneficial blessing on the early settlers of that island.