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General Information

Name:  Dorothy Haas  

Pen Name: Dan McCune, Dee Francis

Genre: Fiction Youth Youth

Born: 1935 in Racine, Wisconsin


Illinois Connection

Haas lives in Chicago and many of her books are set in Chicago.

Biographical and Professional Information

Haas is an editor and author who specializes in books for children and young adults. Dorothy Haas grew up with her four brothers in Racine, Wisconsin. As a child, she loved to read but says that even though she read all around the shelves of the public library she had no notion that she, an ordinary person, could write books, too. Haas attended Marquette University. After graduating from Marquette in 1955, she took a summer job with Whitman Publishing Division of Western Publishing Company in Racine. Soon after, she became a senior editor and worked there until 1968 when started working as the senior editor for Worldbook Childcraft in Chicago. At Whitman, Haas developed and supervised several series of books for young children. In addition to editing these books, Ms. Haas published her first book Little Joe's Puppy and also authored over twenty picture books for Whitman. In 1970, Haas started working with Rand-McNally as the editor of books for children and young adults. She worked for many years as an editor of chldren's books. At Rand-McNally, she worked with several authors, including Pamela Sampson, Tasha Tudor, and Walter Wangerin. When she retired from Rand-McNally in 1983, she devoted herself to writing on a full-time basis. Many of her books are set in Chicago where she lives. Although Haas does extensive research to include accurate and authoritative background information in her books, her stories are never difficulte to read. Her characters bubble with life, which may be one of the reasons her books are so popular with children all over. Mrs. Haas's books have won awards based on votes by children in many states.

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Titles At Your Library

The Haunted House (Peanut Butter and Jelly)
ISBN: 0590415085

Scholastic Paperbacks. 1988

Peanut and Jilly throw a haunted house party for Jilly's birthday, and the celebration becomes more mysterious when uninvited guests are discovered hiding in the cellar

Michael Jordan (Sports Close Up 2)
ISBN: 0896863646

Crestwood House. 1988

A career biography of high-scoring Michael Jordan, basketball player with the Chicago Bulls

Trouble at Alcott School (Peanut Butter and Jelly)
ISBN: 0590415093

Scholastic Paperbacks. 1989

When a friend's locket is discovered missing, best friends Polly and Jillian put their heads together to solve the mystery and return the missing jewelry

Not Starring Jilly (Peanut Butter and Jelly)
ISBN: 0590423924

Scholastic Paperbacks. 1989

Miss Kraft loves the play that Jilly and Peanut have written and now she wants them to put it on for the whole school, but Jilly wants nothing to do with footlights and fame

Peanut in Charge (Peanut Butter and Jelly)
ISBN: 0590423916

Scholastic Paperbacks. 1989

Sandwiched between their enthusiasm for babysitting the neighborhood twins and the hard work that it entails, Peanut and Jilly are in a jam when they are snowed in and must spread themselves thin to tame the terrible tots.

The Friendship Test (Peanut Butter and Jelly)
ISBN: 0590435566

Scholastic Paperbacks. 1990

Peanut and Jilly's new rating system, which awards ladybugs to nice people and spiders to rude people, has everyone up in arms and a few feelings hurt, and the two girls may lose all their friends

Two Friends Too Many (Peanut Butter and Jelly)
ISBN: 0590435574

Scholastic Paperbacks. 1990

When Peanut's best friend from her old neighborhood comes to town to visit, the two pals are having so much fun that Jilly, Peanut's new best friend, feels left out

Alcott Library Is Falling Down (Peanut Butter and Jelly)
ISBN: 0590435582

Scholastic Paperbacks. 1991

When the roof of their school library caves in, Peanut and Jilly are determined to save it, and they begin frantic fundraising to cover the cost of repairs

Burton and the Giggle Machine
ISBN: 060609119X

Demco Media. 1996

When Burton invents a machine to make people laugh, it arouses curiosity and greed in the evil Professor Savvy


-- Children's Reading Round Table Award for Distinguished Service in the Field of Children's Literature in 1979Deutscher Jugendbuchpreise in 1980 for The Bears UpstairsLifetime of Literary Achievement from the Society of Midland Authors in 1995