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Name:  Frank Sobocienski  

Pen Name: Frank Sobo




Illinois Connection

Frank has worked directing films in Chicago, Illinois.

Biographical and Professional Information

Frank has had a lifetime career in advertising as art director for major firms in New York, Boston, London and Chicago. Over the years, he had produced everything from simple print ads to cutting-edge television commercials.

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Titles At Your Library

ISBN: 0974334839

Nightengale Press. 2004

"Pure magic! Frank has an original way with language. His sideways, off kilter look at everyday occurrences energizes his stories." -FRANK RUTLEDGE Frank Sobo's short stories resonate with adults everywhere who have lived life tongue in cheek. His career New York to Pittsburgh, Boston, London and Chicago as an award winning art director, director/cameraman, and author brings the snappy language of advertising into his tales. He colors outside the box to bring his readers the painfully humorous glimpses at youth, maturity and aging with the wit and wisdom of a man who has lived --- really lived his life.

Chasing Grandma Moses
ISBN: 1933449829

Nightengale Press. 2010

"Ah, those days of pumping iron. Too bad you never got to pump Bubbles!" -TODD POSSEHL "I love the sense of needing to get it all out while there's still time." -TREVA RODEMAKER "Frank- This is very sweet, touching, sentimental, downright humane. Are you feeling all right?" -B. R. ROBB author of RIVER GHOSTS "Great stuff, Frank. Terrific scenes and dialogue. Thank goodness you're off your medication." -DAVID STEINBERG Award winning author of THE WIDOW'S SON "How easily we get things backwards, as in the story where things are treated like people and people like things. Given this, however, it does drive to a logical conclusion: an absolute nihilism- a suicide bombing bereft even of the fig leaf of religiosity." - CHARLES BOWLING "Lovely nostalgia to sugar spoon feed today's spoiled gluttons. Makes me wish this were my history also!" - FRANK RUTLEDGE "The ending produced an emotion and longing I can't quite name, but it left my mouth agape." -VINCENT KELLY

ISBN: 1933449349

Nightengale Press. 2006

Frank Sobo returns to the front shelf with DNA STEW, a collection of forty hilarious stories that allow the reader to see the world through a new pair of eyes. "Frank- if you could work a live skunk in here as part of a menage a tois, I think you can kill the entire gerbil business. -KEVIN BURRIS "Aha, proof that Satan really is behind Halloween!" -TODD POSSEHL "Your writing style is akin to getting into a racy sports car in mid-journey, exhilarated and totally enrapt." -NELLIE GREGORY "Frank- I underlined some words in your book so I can increase my vocabulary." -ALLEN ROSS "As always, you are still the jester of the unbelievable reality." - FRANK RUTLEDGE