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General Information

Name:  Michael Fain  

Pen Name: Judith Michael - when writing with his wife, Judith Barnard.


Born: 1937 in Chicago, Illinois



Illinois Connection

Fain was born in Chicago and currently splits his time between Chicago and Aspen, Colorado.

Biographical and Professional Information

Fain has worked as an engineer for NASA, was president of an electronics company in Canada, and published numerous scientific articles under his own name. He writes with his wife, Judith Barnard under the pen name Judith Michael. Jointly, under their two names, Barnard and Fain published articles on marriage and the family in Redbook, Readers' Digest, Ladies Home Journal, among others.

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Titles At Your Library

ISBN: 0671899546

Pocket Books. 1994


ISBN: 0671899562

Pocket. 1994

A story about a woman who builds herself a new life for herself after her husband vanishes, and finds herself swept into the world of San Francisco society. Originally published in 1984.

Private Affairs
ISBN: 0671619683

Pocket. 1987

The Lovells had everything: demanding and absorbing careers, two teenage children, a lifestyle of enviable affluence. And they still had their youth. But for sixteen years they knew their most treasured dreams had been put aside in deference to others' needs. Now, before it was too late, they knew they had to act. And so Elizabeth and Matt risk everything to buy the newspaper they'd always longed to own, rekindling both their youthful ambitions and the passions of their marriage. Yet in their new-found paradise of power, glamour and wealth they meet temptations that never before existed in their small, private world. And the one thing they both desperately need is fast slipping out of reach - each other...

ISBN: 0671899554

Pocket. 1994

Michael's crowning achievement is a sumptuous saga of a woman's journey to her dreams

of a powerful family pitted against an orphaned family

of a passionate love, won and lost and regained.

A Ruling Passion
ISBN: 0671899589

Pocket. 2001

Judith Michael creates unforgettable characters and a vivid, richly textured world -- where passions can be stronger than love -- in this splendid bestseller.

Pampered socialite Valerie Sterling is shattered by her husband's death and the mysterious loss of her wealth. But she finds within herself the will to build a new life, and rekindles a romance with television network head Nicholas Fielding. Valerie is utterly unaware of the dangerous passions she is stirring up in Sybille Enderby, her childhood friend and daughter of a seamstress on one of Valerie's estates. Clawing her way up in the television industry, Sybille has always longed to possess all that Valerie has. Yet success, marriage, and the glittering whirl of society cannot quench Sybille's envy of her envy that grows into a powerful obsession: to destroy Valerie.

Sleeping Beauty
ISBN: 0671899597

Pocket. 1994

Back in her hometown for her grandfather's funeral, high-powered divorce lawyer Anne Garnett resolves a conflict with her Uncle Vincent begun twenty-four years earlier when both vied for control of the family empire

Pot of Gold
ISBN: 0671707043

Poseidon Pr. 1993

When modest single mother Claire Goddard wins $60 million in the lottery, her life changes in ways she cannot even begin to imagine. 300,000 first printing. Major ad/promo. Lit Guild & Doubleday Main. Tour.

A Tangled Web
ISBN: 067153288X

Pocket Books. 1995

A Tangled Web

Acts of Love: A Novel
ISBN: 0345480376

Ballantine Books. 2005

Bestselling author Judith Michael’s most moving and captivating novel spans the pastoral beauty of the Pacific Northwest . . . the glitter of Broadway . . . the spectacular vistas of Sydney, Australia . . . and the myriad acts of love that will reunite a lost woman with her dreams, her destiny, and the one man who truly believes in her talent–and in their love. . . .

When director Lucas Cameron finds letters to his grandmother from her protégé–the brilliant young actress Jessica Fontaine, who had vanished mysteriously after a tragic accident–he is intrigued and determines to find her. When finally they meet, they have one magic week of passion and love. But still Jessica cannot return with Lucas to his world–and he cannot share hers–unless they discover the many kinds of love, and the inner strength, that can triumph over the past and open the way for their hands and hearts to join.

A Certain Smile
ISBN: 1423357728

Brilliance Audio. 2008


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