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General Information

Name:  Valerie Biamonte  

Pen Name: None

Genre: C:ADULT Fiction

Born: 1969 in Elmhurst, IL


Illinois Connection

I was born in Elmhurst, IL, and although raised in Wisconsin and Arkansas, I have come back to my roots and now reside in the suburbs of Chicago. I have written several novels and novellas, most notably, "Silent Russian. " This novel takes place in Chicago during the 1968 riots. I took the time period and weaved it into a fictional murder-mystery/thriller.

Biographical and Professional Information

At the time of this writing, I have written two mystery novels, one mystery novella, one paranormal horror novel and its sequel novella. I have also written two children's books. Information can be found on my author or publishing websites: & I can also be found on YouTube, channel ValsBooks.

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Titles At Your Library

ISBN: 0984580301

The World is Our Oyster Publishing and Screenwriting, Inc.. 2010

Amanda Stephens creates business plans to help companies in trouble but she is the one in trouble now. Her firm gathers information through interviews and on-site surveillance then suggests new directions for management. But her newest client, Moyer Metals, has a different problem: one of their employees was just murdered on their property. Homicide Detective Lou Mason shows up at Amanda s firm with a warrant for her surveillance footage. He also asks for a date. Amanda and business partner Julio continue their work for Moyer. Reviewing surveillance audio, Amanda overhears a second worker die a terrible death. She calls Lou and their date becomes an investigation. Police arrest a Moyer employee whose brother is a high-powered defense attorney...and Amanda s old flame. He s determined to win his brother s case, and Amanda s heart. But when the suspect makes bail, Julio goes missing, and the killer hunts Amanda can she come up with a plan to save herself?

Einstein the Destroyer
ISBN: 098458031X

The World is Our Oyster Publishing and Screenwriting, Inc.. 2010

Einstein is very lonely when his best friends go off to school every day. What's a dog to do? Hmmmm... When Josh and Megan are away, Einstein decides to keep himself busy by playing with their things. The kids come home to a chewed up mess! Come join the excitement as Einstein learns the fun way to behave and be a happy pet. This is a Story/Coloring & Activity book perfect for ages both boys and girls ages 5 to 9. Great for travel, it has a story to read and activities all in one.

Silent Russian
ISBN: 0984580328

The World is Our Oyster Publishing and Screenwriting, Inc.. 2011

1968 Chicago saw more than its share of violence. Mick Ivanov patrols one of the most dangerous neighborhoods in the city. While training to defend against rioters at the Democratic National Convention, Mick is counting on doing his part to protect the innocent. What he doesn't count on is a killer in the midst... The Impaler, a vigilante serial killer, is terrorizing unsavory citizens on Mick's beat. But his true agenda is a vendetta against Mick. He sets out to ruin the patrolman's career. While discovering victim after victim, Mick and his partner, Tom Peterson, search through Mick's shadowed past to find the key to capturing the killer. The search turns desperate when the unstoppable Impaler sets his sights on what Mick loves the most: his family!