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General Information

Name:  Kim E. Gordon  

Pen Name: None

Genre: C:ADULT Fiction Non-Fiction

Born: 1955 in Peoria, Illinois


Illinois Connection

Gordon was born in and currently resides in Peoria, Illinois.

Biographical and Professional Information

Kim graduated from Southern Illinois University at Carbondale, Illinois with a BA in Psychology. She is currently writing the cover stories and other articles for Springfield, Illinois based ''The Capital City Courier''. Kim's book, ''Woof-Man: A Woman’s Guide to Her Man’s Inner Canine'', compares the personality traits and habits of men with twenty-three different dogs.

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Titles At Your Library

Woof-Man: A Woman's Guide to Her Man's Inner Canine
ISBN: 1413749925

PublishAmerica. 2004

Ever wonder what's behind the phrase "All men are dogs"? Why is an entire group of rational "homo sapiens" associated with a species best known for chasing tails? That's because deep inside every man there's a wolf howling to get out! With a uniquely tongue-in-cheek style, Woof-Man: A Woman's Guide to Her Man's Inner Canine compares well-known characteristics of men with twenty-three different breeds of dogs in a colorful book brimming with dog metaphors. This road map to the "Sirian" psyche will help men get in touch with their inner canines and put women a nose ahead in the whimsical race between the sexes. From the vain Afghan who thinks he's God's gift to the tranquil Sheepdog who lives for his mate and litter, the twenty-three distinctive personality types featured in Woof-Man: A Woman's Guide to Her Man's Inner Canine are sure to strike a familiar chord with "dog lovers" of all ages.


-- 2nd place in the Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers' Colorado Gold Honorable mention in the Florida State Writing Competition