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General Information

Name:  Annette Jackson  

Pen Name: None

Genre: C:ADULT Non-Fiction

Born: 1965 in Quincy, Illinois


Illinois Connection

Born in Quincy,Illinois, Annette now lives in North Carolina

Biographical and Professional Information

Annette L. Jackson is from Quincy, IL, but has lived in Goldsboro, NC, for twenty-two years. She possesses a medical administrative assistant degree. She loves being in the companion of her dog and her husband, Jeff. She wrote this book in order to reach out to those who suffer from chronic fibromyalgia.

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Titles At Your Library

I Hurt Like Hell: We Have All Heard of Fibromyalgia, Now Hear It from Someone Who Lives It Every Day

Dorrance Publishing Co. Inc.. 2012

Living with a disease is inexplicably difficult, so much so that you often think of suicide or just not waking up one morning.

After discovering she has fibromyalgia, or FMS, a disease causing unbearable chronic pain in the body, Annette’s life starts to change. Her first husband leaves her, she loses her job, and she is called several names both by unknown people and by those she trusts.

Having the disease is a constant battle with severe pain, and it doesn’t help that she is feeling worse despite the condition being not progressive. But she has to fight every day and redeem the life she has before.

I Hurt Like Hell, by Annette L. Jackson, is a true account of how a common woman suffered from FMS and eventually got back—it’s a book of inspiration for others with the same condition.